Switzon S. Wigfall, III

Nationality: USA

Biography: Switzon S. Wigfall III or "SSWIII" (pronounced "S-S-W-3") is a Los Angeles, California based motion graphic designer / cgi artist who does a variety of digital artwork including everydays, short films, creative commons visuals (vj-loops. His main goal and practice is constantly getting better creating daily renders working in Cinema 4D / Octane, After-Effects and Photoshop. He is heavily influenced and inspired by artists like: Beeple, GMUNK, Joshua Davis to name a few) using music and sound as the driving force of his work creating concepts built around: abstract art, sci-fi, surrealism, memes and more. He also vj's and plays his own beats to his visuals in an A/V setting all at the same time in VDMX and Ableton. He has made alot of custom visual content for alot of music acts from: Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Kaytranada and so many more.