Mikey Woodbridge

Nationality: Germany

Biography: Originally from Stockton, Australia, MIKEY. is a Berlin-based visual artist, musician and performer. His performance career began in 2012 with Sink The Pink London, the most celebrated drag collective in the UK. In 2017, he moved to Berlin to pursue music and visual art. His albums include Paths (2018), Pearl (2019) and Tranceformer (2020). As a musician, he has performed at venues including Berghain Cantina, the Glastonbury Festival and at SO36. He has recently begun showing his visual works and is currently Artist in Residence at The Ballery Berlin. These 3 artworks are part of an experimental crypto-microcosm called Queertheorym, which is designed to live on the Ether.Cards platform. As the platform grows, Queertheorym will feature further Berlin queer artists and will experiment with giving NFTs performative features in the physical world by utilizing Ether.Cards traits.