Mihaly Szemeti (LEON)

Nationality: Hungarian

Biography: Mihály Szemeti started painting on the Commodore 64 using the nickname Leon. First it was only a pointless hobby, but later he met the demo scen group Singular Crew at a local C64 related club and around 1997 they introduced Leon's works to the Commodore 64 Demoscene. Works were rewarded at different national and international competitions, including Germany, Slovakia or the Netherlands. Over the years he also joined the wellknown C64 demogroups called "Resource" and "Chorus". They are still active members of the demoscene community and helped to Leon to participating in multiple demoscene projects. So far Leon is actively painting for over 20 years and hope it continues uninterrupted in the future. His works was mentioned in the definitive collector's book "Masters of Pixel" Vol.2.