Kris Vango

Nationality: Germany

Biography: I am a Berlin-based Australian artist exploring themes of gender, politics, symbolism, occultism and metaphysics via the planets of our solar system through soundscape. My manifesto is to document each planetary body as an independent concept piece, with each planetary release joining to the last - exploring each planet’s mythological themes and symbolism in relation to current political and social issues, a concept opus that harnesses the power of sound within philosophy, alchemy and healing. I believe we exist online in an environment where the possibilities of art and music are now boundless, no longer are we limited by releases with physical time limits and specific formats - we can now express music in whatever format we like. It is confusing that we still adhere to these formats and have created structures (i-tunes, band camp, spotify) that deviate little from consumer expectations of genres, singles, or albums and that we rarely play with to reflect more conceptual ideas. Add on top of this increasing online institutions are trapping creators into more limiting release models, schedules and modes of expression. My frustration with this growing homogeny birthed the idea to combine my studies in the artistic disciplines of visual and sound art, with an obsession in consciousness, mythology, cosmic sciences and our collective wonder at why we are here. Inside our mind is a vivid imagination which we can access and use to explore the cosmos, it is this imagination that I encourage you, reading this, to access - to take you, my dear listener, on a journey to these alien worlds and (hopefully) consciously feel their presence and vibrations. You have your own unique and special experience with this, I hope I can guide you to this through my own. These artworks are original pieces, of my own interpretation of moon sign placements, using the power of logos to invoke mythos.