David Szabo

Nationality: Hungarian

Biography: Born in 1986 in Komló, Hungary. Learnt to be a graphic artist in Pécs in the High School of Art. Moved to Budapest to start work as a concept artist while finishing multimedia developer studies. In 2007, joined the team of 3D Brigade, a game developer studio where he had a chance to work in famous and popular games. From 2010 to 2012, he worked for Zen Studios in their own developed games as a 2D artist and visual designer. After this period, he joined to Otherside Outsourcing Kft, where he worked in many mobile games. Later became a 2D lead artist. From 2018, He started working as a freelancer concept artist/illustrator with other artists by his side. Their office is based in the center of Budapest. They are working on worldwide known mobile games, kickstarter projects and for a geek clothes manufactury from England. In his freetime, he does his own paintings, illustrated book and developing a mobile game with his friends.